The World of the Adults is a Dangerous Place

Sai and Cat

Adult means adulterated. The infanti s innocent and never would harm any living being. Give a chick to a small child, would it play with it or eat it ?

From day one the programming starts.

The infant trusts ! He has no choice, his survival depends on others.

And what we, the adulterated ones are doing?

We introduce the infant, day by day in our Luciferien World; a jungle where each one is fighting against all the others to get what he wants. It is indeed a dangerous place. There is never enough for the greedy ones and of course this system of gimmi gimmi type of individuals is creating poverty in another part of the planet.

How to come out of this mess ?

Taking responsibility for all our speach and action. Giving, without expecting anything in return we tap in to the field of abundance. There is more then enough of everything for everybody on this planet. Only a change of mind is needed to change Everything .

Where to start?


Read everything! The journey is amazing when you have no idea where it goes. There is no security in the physical life. Do not listen to the ones who say otherwise.