Legal Name Fraud


When I heard about the Legal Name Fraud about two years ago and realised that it is Illegal to Use a Legal Name, all what I learned previously fell apart.

At that moment an inner battle started. This battle is still going on. Day by day it becomes easier. What I a battling with is my Own Fear. The fear of Uniform is irrationally coming up sometime,  I also sometime take on the fear of other man and women, who I feel they want me to do things I know are against the law.

I am now firm: I am not breaking the law by using a Legal Name with is the property of another. Yes when your mum and dad signed the Birth Certificate, they gifted your body and soul to the Crown Corporation of the City of London State.

Google Legal Name Fraud and what you find will change your reality drastically, like it changed mine.

Once you come in contact with this you have a choice. Or you stand in Truth or you Deny Truth. You cannot say anymore that you did not know!

It is a spiritual path, an inner fight against irrational fears. The so called law enforcement are bluffing. The only tool they have is to instigate fear. You are doomed, when you give in to the crying baby inside.