To the young Ones

Open your Soul

To be young has nothing to do with physical age. A young One is One who is open for New Things. I am in this body now for 61 years and I define myself as a very young One. I am connecting with the Child inside. Sometimes I feel to be a baby sometimes a three year old. By observing my inner feelings I become dispatched from the baby and realise that that baby and that three year old is still alive inside me.

What I discovered is that the longer we keep those feelings and pains from the past, the more difficult it becomes to overcome them and let them go forever.

How we are cheating ourselves ?

The most common way of cheating ourselves is by being Hyper Active. The world today is giving us so many distractions and I tell myself: “There is always something more important to do”.

At a certain point in my life I realised that the best investment I can put my energy in is in working on my personality so to speak. Money investment comes and goes, investment in personality stays. And I know that a clear mind is more worth than one million dollars or any amount of money. If my mind is confused I will lose my money quickly, but with a clear mind I am quickly able to create all I want.

In India I learned, that if I want to learn something I need to start teaching it, because then I learn much quicker.

What I like to teach?

I love to teach a synthesis of what I experienced and what helped me most on my path.

The most important thing I learned only recently is the legal fact that it is illegal to use a legal name. For young Ones it is easy to grasp this Truth. Search on google about the Legal Name Fraud and it will enlighten you in a blink of an eye.

The next thing I like to teach you is the fact that all of us do not know how to relax. Breathing – Movements and Touch are the tools we use combined with sound to make a contact with the beautiful body we are walking around. I discovered that all emotions and traumas are stored somewhere in the body and if we release that tension we liberate the trauma and the pain also.

In the West we do not know how to breath. The people from the East (I know we cannot generalise, but only to give an idea) are much stronger emotionally, because they are used to be silent and relaxed. For a Westerner silence is uncomfortable, we need the distractions.

To be relaxed is important. When our overloaded left, rational and linear monkey mind is silent, the Right -right brain is kicking in an we access to the Spiritual Realm. The Spiritual Realm is the place where Creation starts. It all Starts with a Thought and after the Thought there is a Manifestation. It is never the other way round!

Knowing that it is very important to find coherence in what you think and what you say. “MEAN WHAT YOU SAY AND ALSO SAY WHAT YOU MEAN.”

The Phoenicians have put a spell on us through the Phonics. Don’t be fooled by the words of the Satan Worshippers who use Legalese to fool you. Lose the Name and put in your mind that you are not a criminal and therefore not using the property of others. In fact the Legal Name is Not yours. It belongs to the Crown Corporation of the State called City of London.

This is a tough pill to swallow, I know. It is still for me – but anytime I share this truth I become stronger.

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Babilonia è Crollata

The Three City States

Babilonia è Crollata. Siete molto fortunati che c’è l’avete fatto. Noi siamo qui per una missione molto importante. Dopo aver scoperta la bugia del New Age, anche chiamato New Cage (nuova gabbia) sappiamo che possiamo buttare tutto quello che ci hanno detto. L’unica cosa che veramente sappiamo è la nostra propria esperienza.

La mia esperienza mi insegna che ci sono delle entità su questo pianeta che non hanno creatività e per questa ragione devono rubarla dagli altri. Sono facilmente individuabili dal loro amore per i soldi e la loro adorazione di idoli.

Essere nel Babilonia è Crollata Facebook significa

1) Essere in chiaro sul fatto LEGALE che QUALSIASI USO DI UN NOME LEGALE E’ ILLEGALE. Fate le vostre ricerche, non crediate sulla mia parola.

2) Diffondete la notizia, che salverà le vostre anime dalla distruzione della setta BAR Asociation, della City di Londra; avocati, giudici, magistrati.


Strong Woman

Until we reach a certain age, we do not realize how much we influence one another. All humans are connected with an invisible network that could be called collective thought.

What happens is that at birth we are a white sheet and as the years pass, we absorb everything that the environment gives us. (Parents, relatives, priests, radio, TV, movies, politicians, school, university, work and so on). The end result of this programming (it is not by accident that the media are transmitting programs) is that we completely forget who we are and the result is that everything we do contributes only to the creation of others and we are never able to create the life we dreamed of when we were little.

Now it’s time for me to share the wisdom that I learned during my life on this planet.

The world does not exist! All that what we call the world is an artificial construct imposed on top of Creation. In India this is known and that’s why wise people know that the material life is the consequence of the spiritual life. Everything is created by the spirit, we could say in the ether. Ether is the morfo-genetic Field, as they call scientists. That field is a memory where all the necessary information is stored. This field is not accessible when we are involved with the left, analytical and calculating brain. The distractions of the world! This field becomes available when our nervous system is flexible. The body and mind are a unity, we can talk about the body-mind. All blocks in the body blocking the mind and all mental blocks blocking the body.

Now working with the mind takes us up on the hamster wheel, where we are imprisoned by our thoughts. Stretching exercises and dance are making the body-mind flexible. Instead of focusing on the mind, we focus on the breath, the movement and the touch. During these activities, our left brain calms down and right, right brain is activated. After the activity we also feel tired and ready to rest. First we rest laying down and later we rest in a sitting position. Finally we can relax more ‘and’ deeply! When the spine is completely straight and do not move even a millimetre, we become a statue. At this point, if we are good and indulge in this empty space, we could also have an experience out of the body. It ‘easy access to this space. What we need is discipline. I am very happy to give you suggestions, but it is not necessary, everyone will find the right method.

Do exercises 15 minutes or better half an hour in the morning just after waking up to prepare for the day and even at night before bed. Make it a habit and slowly increase the practice untill all your whole life becomes a spiritual practice. Keep off the TV and listen to music and voices that lift the spirit.

Listen to this:

And read here: and

The theme is the fraud of the legal name. This fraud has enslaved the whole of humanity since the time of Babylon.

“IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE A NAME LEGAL” is very important to know, because it frees us from that evil religion that is the legal world. Legalese is a satanic language, through which all of the Ten Commandments can be bypassed. Killing is legal, it’s called war. Lawyers and judges can lie because it is legal. The whole world is mesmerized by the prostitute of Babylon, which is called commerce and all the legalese world is based on commerce. The living being is worth more then a painting of Van Gogh or a palace! We are crazy to fight over crumbs and meanwhile we forget to live.

Energy Network Italiano

Patterns of Energetic Harmony

Finche raggiungiamo una certa età, non ci rendiamo conto quanto influenziamo l’uno l’altro. Tutti gli umani sono connessi con una rete invisibile che si potrebbe chiamare pensiero collettivo.

Quello che succede è che alla nascita siamo un foglio bianco e man mano che gli anni passano, assorbiamo tutto quello che ci offre l’ambiente. (genitori, parenti, preti, radio, TV, film, politici, scuola, università, lavoro e così via).

Il risultato finale di questa programmazione (non per caso nei mass media si parla di programmi) è che noi completamente dimentichiamo chi siamo e tutto quello che facciamo contribuisce soltanto alla creazione di altri e mai riusciamo a creare quella vita che abbiamo sognato quando eravamo piccoli.

Adesso è arrivato il momento per me di condividere la sapienza che ho imparato durante la mia vita su questo pianeta.

Il mondo non esiste, quello che chiamiamo mondo è una costruzione artificiale sopra-imposto alla Creazione. In India questo lo sanno e per questo i saggi sanno che la vita materiale e la conseguenza della vita spirituale. Tutto viene creato dallo spirito, si potrebbe dire nell’etere. Come etere si intende il Campo Morfo-genetico, come lo chiamano gli scienziati. Quel campo è una memoria dove tutta l’informazione necessaria è immagazzinata. Questo campo non è accessibile quando noi siamo coinvolto con il cervello sinistro, analitico e calcolatore. Le distrazioni del mondo! Questo campo diventa accessibile quando il nostro sistema nervoso è flessibile. Il corpo e la mente sono un unità, si può parlare di corpo-mente. Tutti blocchi nel corpo bloccano la mente e tutti blocchi della mente bloccano il corpo.

Adesso lavorare con la mente ci porta su sulla ruota del criceto, dove siamo prigioniero dei nostri pensieri. Tramite esercizi di stretching e danza scoliamo il corpo e la mente. Focalizziamo sul respiro, sul movimento e il tocco, piuttosto che sul pensiero. Durante queste attività, il nostro cervello sinistro si calma e quello destro si attiva. Dopo l’attività ci sentiamo anche stanchi e pronti per riposare. All’inizio questo riposo si fa striato e di seguito seduto. Finalmente riusciamo a rilassarci più’ e più’ profondamente! Quando la spina dorsale è completamente dritta e non ci muoviamo neanche un millimetro, diventiamo una statua. In questo momento, se siamo bravi e ci lasciamo andare in questo spazio vuoto, potremmo avere anche una esperienza fuori dal corpo.

E’ facile accedere a questo spazio. Quello che ci vuole è disciplina. Sono molto felice a darvi dei suggerimenti, ma non è necessario, ognuno trova il metodo giusto.

Fatevi 15 minuti o meglio mezz’ora di tempo alla mattina appena svegliati per preparare la giornata e anche alla sera prima di dormire. Fate l’abitudine di tenere spento la TV sempre e di ascoltare musica o sentire voci che alzano lo spirito.

Guardatevi questo video e ascoltate le trasmissioni radio delle mie amiche Fiamma e Vita.

Proprio stasera ci la terza trasmissione. Il tema trattato è la frode del nome legale. Questa frode ha messa l’umanità intera in uno stato di schiavitù’ dei tempi di Babilonia.

Adesso sono coinvolto con la diffusione del messaggio che potrà tutti fuori da quella religione malefica che è il mondo legale. Legalese è una lingua satanica, tramite la quale tutti dieci comandamenti possono essere aggirati. Uccidere è legale, si chiama guerra. Avvocati e giudici possono mentire perché è legale. Tutto il mondo è ipnotizzato dalla prostituta di Babilonia che si chiama commercio e tutto il mondo legalese è basato sul commercio. L’essere vivente vale di più’ di un quadro di Van Gogh o un palazzo. Qui siamo pazzi litigare per briciole e nel frattempo dimentichiamo di vivere.

La Frode del Nome Legale

Radio La Frode del Nome Legale Uno

Radio La Frode del Nome Legale UnoRadi La Frode del Nome Legale Due




Mukesh in Bliss

We came together for a purpose and the purpose is to expose child abuse. I was abused as a child and I had sworn that when I was a grown up would always remember to have been a child. This connection to my childhood becomes stronger and stronger any time I am around a child or a grown up who has not become an adult, adulterated. To be amongst children is easy for me, while the adults have given me a lot of pain and I was always more or less avoiding them, never let them come into my private space. When I discovered that I accumulated so much anger, I started to release that anger consciously, mostly on my own, but then also with the beings around me. That created many challenges with me, because when somebody changes, I changed, the others did not like that and wanted me like before. What I had to face and still have is my own fear. My aggressive behaviour was masquerading fear. Now I am sure that all the aggressive entities are there because those beings are afraid and if we are afraid of them we put oil into the fire of aggression. What you are afraid off?

What is going on on this planet?

we have been lied to

What we are dealing with is pure evil. There are many names for it. One could be Transhumanism, where man and woman merge with machines and serve as slaves for the elite. Another term is Social Engineering. Problems are Created by the elite and consequently the masses are asking for Solutions with are already prepared and provided. Problems get first created in the coloured peoples places, which creates resistance against the white. After when the problems escalate into terror and wars, coloured people are fleeing towards the save places, where they are first welcome. Then what happen the refugees create problems with the locals because the politicians are telling them that they are stealing their jobs. On the other hand for the politicians, cheap and obeying workers are a good deal. Then the secret services of the whites organise attacks like Paris and Bruxelles to divert the mind of the whites from the atrocities they are doing in the coloured land. What happen after is that the white are quite happy to accept police state and the moment the economy breaks down and civil war starts the caos is perfect and the elite is laughing because their plan has worked perfectly. The Transhumanists have achieved their goal to eliminate 90 % of all men and women on the planet and made slave the rest.