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We came together for a purpose and the purpose is to expose child abuse. I was abused as a child and I had sworn that when I was a grown up would always remember to have been a child. This connection to my childhood becomes stronger and stronger any time I am around a child or a grown up who has not become an adult, adulterated. To be amongst children is easy for me, while the adults have given me a lot of pain and I was always more or less avoiding them, never let them come into my private space. When I discovered that I accumulated so much anger, I started to release that anger consciously, mostly on my own, but then also with the beings around me. That created many challenges with me, because when somebody changes, I changed, the others did not like that and wanted me like before. What I had to face and still have is my own fear. My aggressive behaviour was masquerading fear. Now I am sure that all the aggressive entities are there because those beings are afraid and if we are afraid of them we put oil into the fire of aggression. What you are afraid off?


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Sai Baba is just a sound to which I respond . For all the time I passed on Earth I knew that there is something terribly wrong here - now I know what it is - the Earth is ruled by a Satanic Sect called the BAR Association - which has his head quarters in a tiny State - (nearly nobody knows that independent state) called the City of London . In a square mile in the middle of Greater London, the bastards gather at their Temple Bar - these people cleverly tricked in everybody into believe that there is something like human justice - to convince people they are using a language which only they understand and which they can interpret at their liking - all the lawyers and magistrates of Earth are working for those people - the Crown Corporation - the same corporation is also holding all the Birth Certificates of the Citizens in their Register - as Collaterals for the money in Cercultation . Wake up - the black magicians in the court rooms are cheating you - you are not a legal name - and the moment you agree to be one - you are theirs - all your failures are not destiny - you created them using a legal name that does not belong to you. Stop being a criminal -

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  1. Oh Sai baba, I can so relate to everything you are writing here. I too was abused, and this caused me to shut down and be so stunted in so many ways. In many ways, I am still a child on the inside with the needs of a child….now as an adult I’m having to learn how to love those wounded children inside…what a journey this is! I’m still releasing so much fear, doubt, and pain…learning to trust in my source and my true self and love. I love you, and am so grateful for you, who you are, and to have come into contact with your soul. Love, Abby

    Mi piace

    1. I discovered that Skype is an excellent medium for the transfer of energy. When we are face to face, many things happen. The psychologists agree that 90 % of our communication is non verbal and when we write only, the danger is that we are too much involved with our left, analytical bran. On the other hand by talking we hear something beyond the words and also by looking at each others we feel everything. For this I love your videos, they give me something.
      Speak to you soooon.

      Mi piace

      1. Thank you Saibaba!!! Sending you love and big big soul hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so validating to hear you say that. Somehow I’ve known that I had to make videos rather than write…that people needed to see and watch another human being having struggles, figuring things out hurting, being empowered and strong, whatever was flowing authentically from me in the moment! Your encouragement and kindredness means more to me than you will ever know. love abby

        Mi piace

      2. the clarity that overcomes me when I watch you and others coming into their power. It is contagious, when we allow our light to shine we give others the permission to do the same. My story is the only story I know for sure and I have and had many experiences which are confirming to me that I am on the right path. I send you a link which I invite you to read it all and then look how much of it resonates with you. Here is the link:

        Mi piace


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