Strong Woman

Until we reach a certain age, we do not realize how much we influence one another. All humans are connected with an invisible network that could be called collective thought.

What happens is that at birth we are a white sheet and as the years pass, we absorb everything that the environment gives us. (Parents, relatives, priests, radio, TV, movies, politicians, school, university, work and so on). The end result of this programming (it is not by accident that the media are transmitting programs) is that we completely forget who we are and the result is that everything we do contributes only to the creation of others and we are never able to create the life we dreamed of when we were little.

Now it’s time for me to share the wisdom that I learned during my life on this planet.

The world does not exist! All that what we call the world is an artificial construct imposed on top of Creation. In India this is known and that’s why wise people know that the material life is the consequence of the spiritual life. Everything is created by the spirit, we could say in the ether. Ether is the morfo-genetic Field, as they call scientists. That field is a memory where all the necessary information is stored. This field is not accessible when we are involved with the left, analytical and calculating brain. The distractions of the world! This field becomes available when our nervous system is flexible. The body and mind are a unity, we can talk about the body-mind. All blocks in the body blocking the mind and all mental blocks blocking the body.

Now working with the mind takes us up on the hamster wheel, where we are imprisoned by our thoughts. Stretching exercises and dance are making the body-mind flexible. Instead of focusing on the mind, we focus on the breath, the movement and the touch. During these activities, our left brain calms down and right, right brain is activated. After the activity we also feel tired and ready to rest. First we rest laying down and later we rest in a sitting position. Finally we can relax more ‘and’ deeply! When the spine is completely straight and do not move even a millimetre, we become a statue. At this point, if we are good and indulge in this empty space, we could also have an experience out of the body. It ‘easy access to this space. What we need is discipline. I am very happy to give you suggestions, but it is not necessary, everyone will find the right method.

Do exercises 15 minutes or better half an hour in the morning just after waking up to prepare for the day and even at night before bed. Make it a habit and slowly increase the practice untill all your whole life becomes a spiritual practice. Keep off the TV and listen to music and voices that lift the spirit.

Listen to this:

And read here: and

The theme is the fraud of the legal name. This fraud has enslaved the whole of humanity since the time of Babylon.

“IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE A NAME LEGAL” is very important to know, because it frees us from that evil religion that is the legal world. Legalese is a satanic language, through which all of the Ten Commandments can be bypassed. Killing is legal, it’s called war. Lawyers and judges can lie because it is legal. The whole world is mesmerized by the prostitute of Babylon, which is called commerce and all the legalese world is based on commerce. The living being is worth more then a painting of Van Gogh or a palace! We are crazy to fight over crumbs and meanwhile we forget to live.


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Sai Baba is just a sound to which I respond . For all the time I passed on Earth I knew that there is something terribly wrong here - now I know what it is - the Earth is ruled by a Satanic Sect called the BAR Association - which has his head quarters in a tiny State - (nearly nobody knows that independent state) called the City of London . In a square mile in the middle of Greater London, the bastards gather at their Temple Bar - these people cleverly tricked in everybody into believe that there is something like human justice - to convince people they are using a language which only they understand and which they can interpret at their liking - all the lawyers and magistrates of Earth are working for those people - the Crown Corporation - the same corporation is also holding all the Birth Certificates of the Citizens in their Register - as Collaterals for the money in Cercultation . Wake up - the black magicians in the court rooms are cheating you - you are not a legal name - and the moment you agree to be one - you are theirs - all your failures are not destiny - you created them using a legal name that does not belong to you. Stop being a criminal -


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