To the young Ones

Open your Soul

To be young has nothing to do with physical age. A young One is One who is open for New Things. I am in this body now for 61 years and I define myself as a very young One. I am connecting with the Child inside. Sometimes I feel to be a baby sometimes a three year old. By observing my inner feelings I become dispatched from the baby and realise that that baby and that three year old is still alive inside me.

What I discovered is that the longer we keep those feelings and pains from the past, the more difficult it becomes to overcome them and let them go forever.

How we are cheating ourselves ?

The most common way of cheating ourselves is by being Hyper Active. The world today is giving us so many distractions and I tell myself: “There is always something more important to do”.

At a certain point in my life I realised that the best investment I can put my energy in is in working on my personality so to speak. Money investment comes and goes, investment in personality stays. And I know that a clear mind is more worth than one million dollars or any amount of money. If my mind is confused I will lose my money quickly, but with a clear mind I am quickly able to create all I want.

In India I learned, that if I want to learn something I need to start teaching it, because then I learn much quicker.

What I like to teach?

I love to teach a synthesis of what I experienced and what helped me most on my path.

The most important thing I learned only recently is the legal fact that it is illegal to use a legal name. For young Ones it is easy to grasp this Truth. Search on google about the Legal Name Fraud and it will enlighten you in a blink of an eye.

The next thing I like to teach you is the fact that all of us do not know how to relax. Breathing – Movements and Touch are the tools we use combined with sound to make a contact with the beautiful body we are walking around. I discovered that all emotions and traumas are stored somewhere in the body and if we release that tension we liberate the trauma and the pain also.

In the West we do not know how to breath. The people from the East (I know we cannot generalise, but only to give an idea) are much stronger emotionally, because they are used to be silent and relaxed. For a Westerner silence is uncomfortable, we need the distractions.

To be relaxed is important. When our overloaded left, rational and linear monkey mind is silent, the Right -right brain is kicking in an we access to the Spiritual Realm. The Spiritual Realm is the place where Creation starts. It all Starts with a Thought and after the Thought there is a Manifestation. It is never the other way round!

Knowing that it is very important to find coherence in what you think and what you say. “MEAN WHAT YOU SAY AND ALSO SAY WHAT YOU MEAN.”

The Phoenicians have put a spell on us through the Phonics. Don’t be fooled by the words of the Satan Worshippers who use Legalese to fool you. Lose the Name and put in your mind that you are not a criminal and therefore not using the property of others. In fact the Legal Name is Not yours. It belongs to the Crown Corporation of the State called City of London.

This is a tough pill to swallow, I know. It is still for me – but anytime I share this truth I become stronger.

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Sai Baba is just a sound to which I respond . For all the time I passed on Earth I knew that there is something terribly wrong here - now I know what it is - the Earth is ruled by a Satanic Sect called the BAR Association - which has his head quarters in a tiny State - (nearly nobody knows that independent state) called the City of London . In a square mile in the middle of Greater London, the bastards gather at their Temple Bar - these people cleverly tricked in everybody into believe that there is something like human justice - to convince people they are using a language which only they understand and which they can interpret at their liking - all the lawyers and magistrates of Earth are working for those people - the Crown Corporation - the same corporation is also holding all the Birth Certificates of the Citizens in their Register - as Collaterals for the money in Cercultation . Wake up - the black magicians in the court rooms are cheating you - you are not a legal name - and the moment you agree to be one - you are theirs - all your failures are not destiny - you created them using a legal name that does not belong to you. Stop being a criminal -


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