Non Interference


This is a planet of free will choice. This means no-one has the right to impose his will on another.

The problem with the earthlings is that when someone is telling the Truth – they do not believe it.

There are three stages when a new perspective arises in the mind.

  1. the new perspective is ignored, and when it can be ignored anymore, then
  2. the new perspective is ridiculd and the messengers are declared crazy, then when the message can’t be ignored or ridiculed any more, because more and more evidenze is emerging earthling are doing the following
  3. the messengers get violently attached and forced to believe what anybody else is believing, till
  4. the new perspective is accepted and all the previous behaviours are forgotten

This are the ways we all have been manipulated. Open your eyes and ears! There is much more out there then that what has been told to you.