God is Within

After the age of about six years old the waves of the brain change. It is the time described in the bible in the story of Adam and Eve. After about six we stop eating from the tree of life and start eating from the tree of knowlege. From six onwards our creativity gets reduced year after year with garbage of his-story.

The programs we receive in the first six years till now have been fixed and (nearly) everyone on this planet had to play out the same story over and over again for the whole life. The only hope left was that after death there will be a paradise somewhere else.

Now that the energy of paradise has returned, we are able to connect with the same brainwaves we had before five (with the wisdom of a grown up) and re-live all our traumas, that created our wounds and by connecting to this new/old energy we are non freeing ourselves from all programming.

The beauty of this is that each time we free ourselves from one of the programs, we change the matrix. The microcosmos, which is the universe inside changes and consequently at the same time the macrocosmos in the outside also changes. One fractal of the hologram changes and voilà the whole hologram has changed.

The disappearance of the Van Allen Belt is now allowing powerful waves of energy to enter our being to lift us out of the matrix into an Empty Space. This will happen if we want it or not. Our Free Will is just that: “Or go with creation or resist it and suffer.”

All what is happening on this planet is inevitable. What has to happen will happen – and the beings we will live together will be there when time has come. All is related to the energy emanated (me = feelings and thoughts). Our vibration is attracting. Where attention goes energy flows. That is why we search attention. We are messengers of a new reality. A reality which we know very well and are eager to share.

The old game is over! It is time to celebrate and congratulate ourselves for what we have achieved; the solid ground work we have done. We are now prepared for any event. A confident living being knows that whatever comes up on its path i twill be able to handle it.

The story of Sakthi (the Female Goddess) representing the ever changing and Shiva (the Male God) representing the eternal, never changing, who never was born and never dies. Shiva and Sakthi are the two poles of the same energy of ME. Life gets created when the two poles positive and negative play together. Shakthi and Shiva are one, which they have always been. The illusion of the matrix kept us from seeing and experiencing this Oneness. The new baby born out of this union is called Ganesh, the Elephant God, who represents new beginnings. This process is the dead of the old and the Phoenix rising out of the ashes.

This Void i salso called Zero Point and is found in the Space in-between the words and in the space in-between the in-breath and the out-breath.

On my fb, I put the 1st of July 1955 as birthday, where the real birthday is the 17th of February 1955, in the sign of Aquarius. I know or I don’t know is my theme. There are few things I know, which are not coming from books or other people – they all come from me, from personal experience.

The opinion that the world has about me are just that, opinions. The only one who knows me is me, where me is defined al magnetic-electric. At young age I knew that there is something terribly wrong with how we treat each others on this planet and a lifelong research has brought me to the point where I know that

The REALITY we experience IS A HOLOGRAM,

a mirror which is reflecting my inner state. Reality is created magically.


I immagine all around as five year olds. Somebody is ignoring me or even isulting me and I aknowledge that opinion, which has much more to do with the one expressing it than it has to do with me.

I immagine that the source of all anger is coming of  programming and the purpose of anger is always to steal energy from another to feel great. To push down others and pick on others is one of the ways to create the feeling of superiority, while in the mirror is exactly the opposite. When we are ferm in our own energy no need to express superiority arises. Only the ones who feels inferior has to play these games to dimostrate to himself/herself to be superior. Angry people are the most fearful and insecure.

I finally come to a state of immunity t by recognising my own value. The melody changes. Instead of being a ping-pong ball of others opinion I stand firm in TUTH. I deserve more than this.

This new energy of me shows up and it is reflected in the Creation of Love, Beauty and Harmony.


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Sai Baba is just a sound to which I respond . For all the time I passed on Earth I knew that there is something terribly wrong here - now I know what it is - the Earth is ruled by a Satanic Sect called the BAR Association - which has his head quarters in a tiny State - (nearly nobody knows that independent state) called the City of London . In a square mile in the middle of Greater London, the bastards gather at their Temple Bar - these people cleverly tricked in everybody into believe that there is something like human justice - to convince people they are using a language which only they understand and which they can interpret at their liking - all the lawyers and magistrates of Earth are working for those people - the Crown Corporation - the same corporation is also holding all the Birth Certificates of the Citizens in their Register - as Collaterals for the money in Cercultation . Wake up - the black magicians in the court rooms are cheating you - you are not a legal name - and the moment you agree to be one - you are theirs - all your failures are not destiny - you created them using a legal name that does not belong to you. Stop being a criminal -


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