End Times


The Roman Empire never ceased to exist. The pope is the Emperor. This game went on till 1694 when the Bank of England was founded. Since them the satanic Black Magicians of The Temple Bar gather in Secret in an independent state inside of Big London, which is called the City of London. Google legal name fraud and you will find out how they did it!!!!! – Most important research you will ever make – it is frightening I guarantee you!!

How I found this out ?

Now that I am 61 I look back at my life and what comes to mind often is my childhood. I call it killed with a hood. My grandparents brought me to the Jesuit Church in Lucern….. my grandparents are strange – I understand my father running away from them for 10 years. Only after my parents married my father started relations with his parents again. Forced by his wife – my mother. Strange energies in that house – I was little when the dead body of my grandfather was in the house. – I remember that I did many crazy things when I was with them for holidays – I did them also when I was with my parents. – I remember now that my aunty went to study English in London and met a guy from Venezuela, who later became an Ambassador of Venezuela in several latin american states – my other two aunties where or are married with German and Swiss-German Businessman. The three sisters of my father have/had five children (two in Venezuela and three in Switzerland – one of these is now in Canada – at least she was – My father died in 88 and his mother one year later – she was nearly 100 and did never realise that her son was dead – at the funeral non of the relatives from Venezuela came over – since then I met only one of my aunties when my brother died in 99 and a short visit in her holiday home in the area where I used to live. – Since then I lost all contact with them. – Back to the now – watching this video: 

George Soros Talking

I recognise all of them in him – not my father – he was the so called black sheep of the family – he transmitted to me somethng I call Resistance – he was part of the resistence and was born into a family in Lucern, Switzerland – his mother was from a Satanic Place – it is called Sion – Zion

When I started watching this channel some 3 years ago I got depressed for weeks:

The Pharaoh Show

During my working life I also meet many of the beings with this energy. Only now I realize Soros is Swiss. And after you have seen the “Pharao Show” – you will put 1 +1 together and all the Hidden becomes Seen.

Google Legal Name Fraud……

Open Your Eyes………

Open Your Heart………

This Place is Hell………

The Way Out Standing in Truth














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Sai Baba is just a sound to which I respond . For all the time I passed on Earth I knew that there is something terribly wrong here - now I know what it is - the Earth is ruled by a Satanic Sect called the BAR Association - which has his head quarters in a tiny State - (nearly nobody knows that independent state) called the City of London . In a square mile in the middle of Greater London, the bastards gather at their Temple Bar - these people cleverly tricked in everybody into believe that there is something like human justice - to convince people they are using a language which only they understand and which they can interpret at their liking - all the lawyers and magistrates of Earth are working for those people - the Crown Corporation - the same corporation is also holding all the Birth Certificates of the Citizens in their Register - as Collaterals for the money in Cercultation . Wake up - the black magicians in the court rooms are cheating you - you are not a legal name - and the moment you agree to be one - you are theirs - all your failures are not destiny - you created them using a legal name that does not belong to you. Stop being a criminal -


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